Dear Tauna : Choosing a Coach

November 29, 2017

How do I choose the right coach / team for my soccer playing 7 year old?


Let’s face it we all want the very best for our kids and a good coach is one of them. Many parents want their children on the winning team, but that is not always the best thing for your child. Do you want your child sitting on the sidelines and winning a medal at the end of the season or do you want them playing and getting everything they can from the sport? At 7 years old you want them to have fun while still learning the skills in the game. Most coaches at this level are parents donating their time. Find one that is positive, enthusiastic and fair, one that helps motivate your child to do their best. Go watch a practice and talk to the coach, ask them what they are looking for and how they judge success. A coach that treats effort as the marker for achievement not wins and losses is the one you want. Being a superstar or winning the trophy at 7 years old will have very little effect on your child’s future success in sports. They are still learning and at this age need encouragement to learn about competition and working as a team more than a medal around their neck.

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