Private lessons, yes or no.

November 26, 2018



Now trending in elite youth athletics - private lessons.  Parents, we are often led to believe that if our kids have any ambition to play in high school and beyond - privates are required.  With travel, coaches, equipment and now privates, the expense of it all is quickly becoming bank breaking.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  Check out Tauna's insights when a mom asks when and if privates are necessary.  


Letter from Can't Afford Private Training

Most of the players on my son’s team train with very expensive private trainers. He keeps asking for a trainer too, but it’s hard for us to afford. Not that we can’t, just that it would mean sacrificing other things we value more. We have found training videos online, but it’s not the same and they don’t seem to be helping him improve. Should we sacrifice some other things to get him the training? He has lofty goals of playing in college.



Ask yourself, if your child needed a tutor to do well in school, would you get him one? If you genuinely think your kid has the potential to play college sports, then privates are an investment in him. So, let’s weigh the pros and cons. Private training is the rage and sometimes it's vital for your child to improve. His peers, that are getting privates now, are the same kids he'll be competing against in high school and for college team spots. Developing your kid’s athletic ability can pay off in a few ways. It may get him into an even more elite college (which is nearly impossible), plus some athletic scholarship money may even be available to him. On the downside, paying for privates is expensive and I question how important they are before high school. Before you spend the money, try educating yourself on training and work with your son on your own. Another idea is to get a skilled high school player to train with him. That's a much less expensive way to go and probably just as effective for your son. When your child gets to high school, then you have to bite the bullet and level the field. And by then, you'll know if your son still has the desire and the potential.





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